Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CV and Resume Mistakes

Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume is one of the most vital career tools; this is the reason why in-dept knowledge about it is, as well as close attention to it is indispensable in today’s job competitive world. However, most job hunters, especially fresh graduates do not pay close attention to it at all; most of them just copy and past the resume, by just making some changes to the personal data, qualification and other parts (education, experience, hobbies, etc) of the CV or resume: This is a big mistake!!!
Your prospective employer “does not want to hire a list”, they single-mindedly want to hire a person who is positively active, productive, industrious and skillful. Positive activeness, productivity, industry and skillfulness are the criteria for most of the jobs in any sector. So your CV or resume shall unveil these criteria. I do not reveal how to write such the good CV or resume, but think about how to write it in such the form that demonstrates the four requirements.
Employer does not want to see CV or resume in the same form, so make your CV or resume stand out amongst hundred, by how? Not a list, but a humanly active CV or resume.

Resume Writing Help

Writing a resume can seem to be a frustrating task especially if you have never written a resume before. Thankfully in the new age of technology there are several online websites that offer to help individuals with writing their resume. This is perfect for someone who is a novice at resume writing.
A resume writing website will ease the intimidation of writing an effective resume. It is often times difficult to know what to include in a resume or what to highlight or what to emphasize. The pressure is placed on an individual because our resume is a foot in the door. There are an estimated one hundred applicants for any open position.
Since human resource departments and managers are swamped with hundreds of résumés this means that on average they probably spend ten tot thirty seconds looking at each one. You need to make sure that your resume stands alone from the pile. If you organize information incorrectly on your resume this can affect your chances of being called in for an interview.
A résumé writing website will offer important services to users such as resume writing software, free resume samples to view, answers to the most frequently asked resume questions, free tips on writing a resume and the resume forum where you can chart with others. This is a valuable online resource that is changing the way we write resumes.
It is so important to have detailed and organized résumé that impresses potential employers. If you are a beginner at resume writing then it is recommended that you visit a resume building website. Put your best foot forward when you are applying for a job.
There is so much competition for each job that we apply for. Remember that you are up against hundreds of applicants. Tools that assist you in designing a professional resume can give you an edge against your competitors.

Resume Writing and Preparation is Free Online

Creating a strong resume is a very important part of applying for a job, either online or off line. There are many resume writing services that will help you build an impressive resume for job interviews.
You can also learn how to write a resume for free by surfing the Internet for resume writing help. Many sites will show you tips and advice on choosing a resume style that works best for you.
You can also find samples of resumes, resume templates, resume software, and examples of resume cover sheets or letters.
Whether you’re looking to create a business resume, marketing resume, military resume, electronic resume, accounting resume, nursing resume, acting resume, sales resume, teacher resume, executive resume, student resume or a customer service resume, you can find great advice online with a little research.
When preparing your resume, keep in mind that employers use resumes for several purposes:
Screen Applicants – Most employers will only look at a resume for about 30 seconds to determine whether or not an applicant is a good fit for their organization.
Develop Interview Questions – Statements on your resume can be used to formulate questions they may ask during an interview.
Communication Skills – Employers want to see how well you express yourself.
Qualifications – Employers will reference your resume when making hiring decisions based on how closely your qualifications match their needs.